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On April 25th in Venice

//On April 25th in Venice

On April 25th in Venice

April 25 is a National Day celebrating the victory of the political and military war of the partisans, during the Second World War, against the fascist government and the Nazi occupation.

It is also called Liberation Day because it celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the occupation enemy.

Throughout Italy waving tricolor flags and organizing historical celebrations and public events. Among the events of the festival program there is the solemn tribute by the President of the Italian Republic to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the deposition of a laurel wreath in memory of the fallen and missing Italians in the wars.



Even Venice is involved in this great national holiday, but for the city this date is something more traditional: April 25 is the day dedicated to St. Mark in which engaged couples give your loved one a red rose bud.

It is also called the FESTIVAL OF BOCOLO.

There are TWO legends for this story

The first legend has it that the daughter of the Doge had fallen madly in love with Tancredi, beautiful but poor, and since the Doge did not give them permission to marry, the girl proposed to Tancredi to go to fight against the Moors in the army of Charlemagne and to return rich with glory, so the father would certainly consent to the marriage.

Tancredi left and the fame of his deeds soon spread everywhere. Unfortunately, however, he was mortally wounded and before his last breath picked a beautiful rose and gave it to Orlando begging him to take it to his beloved in memory of his love. When the young woman received a rose turned red because soaked with the blood of her lover wept desperately and locked herself in her grief all night. The next day, which was St. Mark’s Day, the girl was found dead with the bloody rosebud tightened to the heart.

The second legend of a rose garden grew near the tomb of the saint, which would have been donated to a certain Basilio, as a reward for his help in the recovery of the remains of San Marco. Time divided into two branches opposite the family of Basil, but years later two young men, of the two opposite branches, fell in love looking through the rose garden. This miraculously began to bloom again allowing the young man to donate a mouthpiece to his beloved.

That’s why even the red rose bud is now being given to girlfriends in St. Marco’s day as a symbol of a great love.


Only a few days to the celebration of this event so if you like and want to participate you come to Venice and book with us!




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