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The rudeness is all over the world

//The rudeness is all over the world

The rudeness is all over the world

Not everyone has the same ways of behaving and we do not want to give education to anyone. Our guests are usually delicious and leave our apartments in an impeccable way, respect the rules of the condominium and those of separate collection and thanks to this we can clean in time all the apartments to make it easier The arrival of the next guests.

Unfortunately some of the guests who were in our apartments did not have the gift of good upbringing or maybe they were polite differently, and they left the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and the dirty and messy appliances.

We are very sorry to see things treated with little care and we also regret that the rudeness of others may become an impediment for subsequent guests and when they sometimes ask us to anticipate the check we are forced to give negative response because We have to finish the cleaning from the dirt they left us.

We publish a series of photos to make everyone participate:


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