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Tourist rentals is better!

//Tourist rentals is better!

Tourist rentals is better!


When you leave for a holiday you are undecided whether to rent an apartment or go to a hotel.

Most of the time the choice falls on the rent of the apartment, because it is:

  • More comfortable if you are a family
  • Less expensive if you are a group of friends
  • Easier to contact with the life of the city.
And who owns the apartment? Making short leases is definitely:
  • More manageable because the owner can decide the period in which he wants to rent it 
  • Cheaper because through the tourist locations the owner can pay the expenses
  • Easier because you don’t bind to one tenant
What do you mean by short rent?

It means a lease from a minimum of three nights to a maximum of one year.


The best way to make rents of this type is to turn to a specialized company of experts to give in management their own apartment.


Our agency Welcome Venice has in management about one hundred apartments in the historical center of Venice. We take care of everything: from the search of the guest, to the management of its reception, through an organized system of check-in and check-out that sees us available all day and night until H 24.00. We also deal with the bureaucratic practices provided by law, cleanliness and maintenance.


We promote the apartments on search engines, in fact our site is translated into five languages. We work with the most visited booking portals in the world (, Expedia, Airbnb) and we also receive direct bookings from private individuals.


The advantage for the owner? It is remitted by every task, has less costs, less stress and rents his apartment without worries and without worry.

Welcome Venice
tel. +39 041 5225251



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