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Venice: a safe city

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Venice: a safe city

A question that often appeals to us is, “but is Venice a safe city? Can you go out in the evening without fear of being hassled? “


Do not be intimidated by long narrow or dark calli, our roads are very safe because in Venice cases of theft, robbery, aggression are small.


If you find yourself wandering at night, you will see that there is no danger, enjoy the scenery and silence of the lagoon, listen to the noise of your shoes and the laughter of some little group of friends away from you.


Venice is a city that always surprises and we could say that perhaps it is even safer at night than in the daytime, because during the day you can stumble into some thief of wallets from tourists near the station, or some fake luggage rack, instead in the evening , after 8pm the city empties also of pickpockets that usually live in the suburbs of Mestre and remains inhabited only by its citizens and the night is even more alive, silent and beautiful.
The lights of the bars and restaurants illuminate the streets, you hear music from some local, you drink good wine and you enjoy excellent company.

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